Happy Beautiful Wealthy Photography

Happy in Life,  Be Naturally Beautiful, Wealthy in Love

Our Story

  In April 2015, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had brain surgery September 4, 2015. This is the day that changed everything. I thought surgery would help with things, but it did the exact opposite.


Since that day, I've had chronic and constant pain, some days completely debilitating. Having two young children made it that much more difficult.

I've always loved photography and because of the situation, my husband decided to buy me a camera that I could get lost in. The distraction proved to work most of the time and I began teaching myself everything about the camera and editing software. All I knew was that I loved every second of it. Friends began asking me to take their pictures for them, and because working a "normal" job was pretty much out of the question for me anymore, I decided this would not only be my perfect outlet for all of the pain, but I could contribute financially to our family.

June of 2017, I was diagnosed with a rare form of Epilepsy. On top of the daily pain, I'm also dealing with and trying to manage, seizures. Please understand if there is a need to take things slowly as I can't move as fast paced as I used to.

I love life and I love all of the beauty it holds. I love the many different and unique faces and personalities I get to work with. What sets me apart from other photographers is that the pain is what helps me create BEAUTY.

I chose Happy Beautiful Wealthy for the name of my work because my Grandma Kimie had a part in my name, Kiyomi. The way it's written in Japanese has the meaning of happy, beautiful, and wealthy. I felt that every picture I take has the opportunity to meet all three expectations, especially because each and every person has all of those within them if they truly choose to see it.